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What Is Caveman Or Cavewoman Test?


Let’s start with the understanding of the explanation of “A caveman” in today’s woman’s viewpoint on precisely what is ideal in a man’s seduction act with a lady and i99bet.
I would really love to make an apparent difference between the abrupt, vulgar and misogynistic activities of man which is quite discommendable. With man’s stereotypic way of thinking that still respects women. Further explanations relate to all my description as a caveman in my story i99bet

With the above premises, I would certainly love to provide you with a whole lot more comprehension regarding these widely used ideas about male and female interactions, which is certainly regularly misinterpreted as a result of the method it is being implemented.


You will discover “The caveman or cavewoman test” layout inside and out of the pages below.
Consequently, it is advisable to figure it out straight away.
I will certainly make clear beforehand precisely what the test is made of, and additionally, on what precisely the premise is based on.” 

The test shows a basis for evaluating or judging somebody.
With regards to prowess, over time you will certainly find out the explanation of the idea and after that, the following guidelines will be able to aid you.


Scientifically, this theory is void.
The caveman or cavewoman test denotes the basic instinctive knowledge handed down from our Predecessors. Instinctive knowledge such as a quasi-reptilian awareness which permits us to “anticipate” without the assistance of our rational thought or behavior, or the ability to think rationally.
The caveman or cavewoman test is more like a “sixth sense.
In the later pages of this book, we will dissect its practice.


The test is absolutely uncomplicated. In spite of this, it is accompanied by cautionary aspects of a basic “savoir-faire” thus making it carried out with regard to the direction of the person involved. Without honest regard, you may get no result at all, except a slap on the face.
The timing has to be excellent, because of the fact that when too ahead of time, you will get a NO not to mention when Too late, you may even fall into the “friendship only” box.
The key element to keep in mind here is to strike the right balance and to have self-confidence.


  1. You must acquire a belief system, that the person is attracted to you and that you’re connecting. This is an intermediary condition for a successful test.
  2. You share complicity with the person and feel the respect and trust is mutual. This is the certainly ultimate condition suitable for a successful test.
  3. You will need faith and confidence. This is a minimum condition for a successful test.
Down the road, Get closer to the person with your big smile and give them a gentle hug in your arms. Hugs cannot be likened to inapt sex action if carried out with complete respect towards the dating partner.


Analysis of the result is absolutely important. In other to avoid hasty generalization and an unstable result, do not rush. It's in the analysis that everything happens. And this happens in your head and body.
A good analysis will evade waste of time on the dysfunctional relationship, and will also put a stop to you missing out on your true love.
Don’t forget: our appearances, our emotions, and our rationality can sometimes be misleading. Someone who doesn’t seem to be your match, at first sight, could be your soul mate; the opposite is also possible.
For simplicity sake, here is an analytic grid of the results to be expected. Be careful though, it is only intended to guide the interpretation of your results and nothing more.
Each one is different, this grid must be taken wisely, especially in different cultures outside of North America. It is up to you to decide which behavior to engage in following the practice of this test (I am a strong advocate of individual free will).


Your judgment is indispensable. Below are some Body Language and ways to interpret and display behaviors to engage in:

Butterflies In The Stomach.

This can possibly mean that the person involved is nervous and don't know what to do next. Don't be too swift in drawing your conclusions, give them more time.
Unknown result until you decides to go the next step.

Wrinkling Of The Nose

This signifies that your gesture disgusts her.
Apologize and try to forget the humiliation. Leave, there will be others to meet.
Negative test.

Furrowed Eyebrows

This shows that you are dealing with a violent and cocky person.
Escape this proposal.
Negative test.

The person is unnerved and gives you a slap in the face.

Apparently, this means that you have invaded her sociofugal space.
Apologize and leave.
Negative test.

The person is surprised and says that it is too soon to get closer.

Bad timing, that couldn’t be more explicit. Apologize and respect the person’s need for time and space, but leave the room for continuity of the relationship.
Could be a positive test.

The person is surprised but doesn’t react.

You may be dealing with a person who takes too much medication or a zombie. Check if they have a pulse and preferably leave at this stage.
The more negative test then neutral outcome in our test.

Wide-Open Eye

This usually means that the person is interested and paying attention.
Positive test.

The person isn’t surprised and melts in your arms.

The connection with the person was such that engagement was evident and awaited.
Eat with joy the fruit of this natural connection.
Positive test.

The person is surprised but also melts in your arms.

The connection with the person was such that the engagement was desirable, but not anticipated. Do not ask questions and go with the flow.
Positive test.

The person is surprised, but then kisses you with passion.

The symbiosis of your pure bodily needs and expectations between the person and you indicate that your body match is completed. It’s time to say thanks: your prayers have been answered. Next step is to proceed with your personality completeness to explore.

Great test.

Natural attraction, infatuation, sex drive, is influenced by our DNA which is encoded in the body. We can’t ignore our bod call when searching for a soul mate because it’s a very vital part of the LOVE relational equation. The sooner you find your body match, the better the next phase of discovery, and it depends on the soul mate compatibility of both persons. This search takes into account the global perspectives from what we are, without ambiguity. Good luck

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